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Thanks Jerry – the Customer Journey Mapping workshop you ran for all the airlines was brilliant – so much value here for any airline wanting to look at their customer experience – it’s what really drives that value and the feedback we’ve had has been brilliant. Thanks again!

Nicholas Key – Chief Executive, 15below

Customer Experience & Passenger Experience

Consultancy services and professional development

Being the one who is charged with embedding a more customer-centric culture isn’t easy. It takes bags of resilience and a whole heap of perseverance especially when it comes to demonstrating the value of CX to others.

But, the rewards in personal pride and commercial success are worth it. So if I can help set the vision, give structure and momentum to your planning and secure buy-in from the most sceptical of stakeholders, do get it touch. Here are some of the ways I could support you:

Customer Experience Programme Management

Organise the building blocks that help you earn the right to people’s loyalty and advocacy

CX Culture & Strategy  | CX Maturity Assessments  |  Align experiences to brand promises    |    Journey Mapping    |   Voice of the Customer & Employee   |   Measurement   |   Cross-functional CX support    |   Employee Experience & CX Training    |    Employee Engagement    |    Organisational design

“Genuine expertise, empathetically imparted by someone like Jerry, should automatically be part of the way we do business”

Paul Gilbert, Chief Executive, LBC WiseCounsel

Customer Experience Speaking

Workshops, presentations and engagement sessions

From 15 minutes at your team meeting or strategic retreat to three days of immersion – tailored sessions to involve and engage teams so they understand what CX means to them, how it works, why it’s important, best (and worst) practices and how they can contribute.

Customer Experience and Accessibility

Improving experiences for people with physical and/or hidden disabilities

Audits and Assessments    |   Empathy training for front-line teams    |   Empathetic and insightful Journey Mapping   |   Stakeholder engagement

I am a member of the Accessibility Advisory Group for London Heathrow Airport and have a son with a profound learning disability.

“Of course it’s the right thing to do but get it right and we get it right for everyone; that brings a significant commercial benefit too”

Andy Wright, CEO Accessible Travel

Customer Experience Professional Development

Workshops and coaching for leaders, CX practitioners and their teams

The leadership team’s role    |  How to map customer journeys  |  CCXP Exam Preparation    |   CX Competencies for CX professionals    |    CX Immersion for all employees

“This course should be mandatory for any company with customers”

Mary Doyle, Rocket Girl Coaching

Jerry has been fantastic to work along side providing great insight, expertise and guidance with a considered and kind approach. He hasn’t shied away from challenging us or let the frustrations of ‘CX in reality’ distract him from supporting our project deliverables. He has provided real value and left a well placed team ready to pick up the CX mantle following his coaching and guidance.

Kate Birtles, Customer Service Director, Biffa

Customer & Passenger Experience – strategy, programme management and training

I share the passion for how a focus on Customer Experience leads to better commercial outcomes. If my team and I can help, we’d love to learn how you want things to be different and why.

Whether it’s through journey mapping or a CX maturity assessment, strategic planning or employee engagement, we’ll help understand how you fit into your customers’ lives, what you need to do differently and how to make that happen.

We know customers’ needs, fears, expectations and priorities are changing all the time. So too, perhaps, your business model, leadership team and strategic priorities.

If you just need a sounding board or a more structured form of support please get in touch.

Better experiences, better business.

Jerry Angrave

Customer & Passenger Experience Director, Empathyce

+44 (0) 7917 718 072    |    [email protected]

If you‘re in the aviation or travel sectors and will be at any of these events do say hello - I’ll be chairing the Passenger Experience tracks there!

2023 speaking and chairing at Passenger Experience events include

Below are a few of the brands I’ve worked with in support of their Customer Experience ambitions

Thanks Jerry! It was great to have you and all your expertise with us – you’re awesome

Gemma Maidlow, Head of Product Solutions, 15below (airline communications)

Thank you Jerry, it was a great couple of days, lots of engagement, enthusiasm and fantastic ideas

Lisa Olsen, Commercial Director, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK

Jerry, when you tell it like it is you’re a less sweary version of Gordon Ramsay!

Debriefing an airport team on the reality of their Passenger Experience

Our experience of working with you couldn’t be any better.  We really do appreciate all the work and effort you put into making the session as fun, informative and valuable as possible.

Rachel Besant, 15below (airline passenger communications)

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for all your support and coaching – I couldn’t have passed without you!!!

Danni Mitchell, Rant & Rave (on becoming a CCXP)

l learnt a lot from Jerry, not just his expertise on customer experience but also how he makes the whole journey you have with him insightful and full of advice. I am grateful to him, one of the most empathetic persons I ever worked with.

Duong Nguyen, Vietnam (telecoms)

New book!

“How to” – Customer Journey Mapping

Based on nearly 20 years of mapping customer journeys I’m excited to share what I’ve learned, what caught me out and what works. For anyone running their first journey mapping workshop the book has tools, tips and templates on preparing, facilitating and – crucially – how to get value from it afterwards.

For more details click here.

Case study feature:

Airport Passenger Experience

A combination of customer journey mapping and terminal walk-throughs has helped airports prioritise what they should do next. And, it’s helped teams from all parts of the airport eco-systems understand more about what they do.

For more details click here.

airport experience journey mapping

Because it’s not easy:

Here if you want to talk

Things can often be pretty challenging. A lone voice. Politics that say the right thing but then shy away from acting on it. Slow progress brings uncertainty, frustration and self-doubt. Perseverance and resilience are the order of the day.

I’ve not got all the answers but if it would help to have a chat, do get in touch.  No charge, no judgement.

+44 (0) 7917 718 072    [email protected]

Customer Journey Mapping – an interview with Luan Wise

Here’s how to get in touch for an informal chat:

Call me on +44 (0) 7917 718 072 – it’s my phone, you’ll get me I promise!

Send an email to me at [email protected]

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For more information on the sunflower lanyard, helping to improve experiences of those with a disability: