The Empathyce Customer Experience Consultancy

First and foremost, we’ll listen to understand you and your business.

We’ll then help build your path to greater customer-centricity by organising the thinking and operationalising the doing. We’ll give you the reassurance of fact-based options for what you should do next, why and how. Our aim is that you can move on quickly with confidence.

We’ve worked with Customer Experience people and Customer Success teams across a wide variety of sectors throughout Europe and the Middle East. Exactly how we approach the work will depend on the outcomes you are looking for.

But, more often than not, we give you clarity about what it’s really like to be one of your customers, what it should be like and why, and how you can help the rest of the business make the right changes.

Examples of how we might help include:

Customer and Employee Journey Mapping

If you do nothing else in the name of customer experience, mapping customer journeys is a must. Create a story of how you fit into your customers lives. Hold effective workshops attended by cross-functional teams that generate outputs to give you clear direction about what to do next.

Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

Find your starting point. How good are we today, really? An objective benchmarking of how aligned your business is to what you want to achieve. This honest assessment of areas such as culture, internal communications, processes and measurement helps prioritise the activities ahead.

Define a Customer Experience Strategy

Create an architectural blueprint for making decisions internally and communicating how you want customers to feel as they interact with you. Articulate just how good do you want to be and what you’re prepared to do about it. Let your employees know what behaviours, attitudes and actions they should exhibit.

CX Knowledge-Share

A combination of workshops and mentoring to build the understanding and influence of Customer Experience in your team, senior leadership and other internal stakeholders. For example, a one-day workshop would define what Customer Experience is, why it’s important and how it works across competencies such as cultural leadership, strategy, insight, measurement, innovation and governance.

Customer Feedback and Measurement

Ensure your customer feedback and performance tracking programme is aligned with your strategic intent. This review is an objective assessment of your structured and unstructured qualitative and quantitative customer insight to ensure you are listening, understanding and acting in a way that’s most effective.

CX Governance Frameworks

Establish the discipline to pull it all together with an accountable cross-functional framework and forum for prioritising activities, assigning responsibilities and reporting on progress.  This may be an informal arrangement with your stakeholders or more structured, reporting into your leadership team.

Employee Engagement and Communications

The fun bit! Bringing it all to life, engaging and inspiring your people regardless of where they work with clarity about what you are doing and why. Get your people involved by telling stories, making it appealing and easy for them to get involved and help drive the CX movement from within.

Customers with Disabilities

The world is challenging enough for many people who interact with their environments in different ways. Getting it right for them is not only the right thing to do but we will get it right for everyone else too and that can only be a good thing for customers and the bottom line. In terms of travel and transport, Jerry is a member of the Heathrow Access Advisory Group.

Customer Experience Professional Development

Mentoring, workshops and on-the-job explanations to support the personal development of anyone building a career in Customer Experience. For those wishing to seek a professional qualification in the subject, I have been a trainer for the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) accreditation since 2014.

Because Customer Experience is inherently a commercially-savvy way of thinking, our approach is every bit about reducing your costs as it is about creating experiences that your customers want to repeat and share.

It’s that journey from giving inconsistent experiences to ones that are intentional and differentiated that that we help facilitate.

If you think we might be able to help develop your customer experience capabilities do please get in touch.

Thank you for your interest, call me – Jerry Angrave – on +44 (0) 7917 718072 or send an email to [email protected].

“Having Jerry on board with his expertise helped us move on.  He understood our business and what we wanted to do and proved both responsive and proactive in equal measure.  

His structured and focused approach to improving client experiences came with the flexibility, pace and thoughtfulness needed to make things work in the real world. Good results and a good guy to work with too”

“Genuine expertise, empathetically imparted by someone like Jerry should automatically be part of the way we do business

As customer journey mapping goes, our experience of working with you couldn’t be any better.  I know it’s been said before, but we really do appreciate all the work and effort you put into making the session as fun, informative and valuable as possible.

I can highly recommend his work and the experience of working with him. Jerry can mobilise people and lead improvements across a large corporate company by selling the vision, engaging the right people and working with all levels to deliver results.