Customer Experience Consultancy

It’s our job to make your job easier and more rewarding. We’ll help organise the thinking and operationalise the doing. You’ll want to know your options for what you should do next, why and how. So we’ll do all we can to find the rights facts and draw on our experience and methodologies to help give you the reassurance you need to move on with confidence.

We’ve worked with Customer Experience people and Customer Success teams across many sectors. Exactly how we approach the work will depend on the ideal outcomes you are looking for.  But more often than not, we give you clarity about what it’s really like to be one of your customers, why that is,  what it should be like and how you can help the rest of the business make the right changes.

Our approach

Those insights show the most value-creating places to focus your effort.  We help people in CX roles identify where they can make the biggest contribution, what their organisation can do differently and how they can achieve that. The types of work we support are often in areas such as

  • creating the framework and governance for a robust Customer Experience programme
  • bringing CX activity to life by nurturing a customer-centric culture and passionate employee engagement
  • preparing a Customer Strategy that gives colleagues clear guidance and aligns processes
  • journey mapping to really understand the niggles and frustrations and wasted costs aswell as the opportunities
  • customer feedback and measurement, using the right metrics in the right way.

Customer Experience is inherently a commercially-savvy way of thinking and so our approach is every bit about reducing your costs as it is about creating experiences that your customers will want to repeat and share.

It’s that journey from giving inconsistent experiences to ones that are intentional and differentiated that that we help facilitate.

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We’ll move quickly to get to know you and your business, to understand why and how you want things to be different.  We listen to understand, dig deeper to find the facts and then advise on how to create a legacy that makes a positive and lasting difference.  We bring a breadth and depth of knowledge from what we’ve seen work and fail around the world and in a variety of sectors.

We’re responsive and proactive but not intrusive when it comes to interacting with your team.  Proven methodologies remain flexible.  And, so clients tell us, we’re a good bunch of people to work with.  Giving you and your stakeholders the outcomes you need so you can move on quickly and with confidence is what we are about.

With the reassurance that the right experiences are happening consistently come the pleasant surprises and greater momentum for your customers and stakeholders.  Everyone involved ‘gets it’ and wants to do more.   And in the Board Room, those responsible for driving the customer agenda get the nod of approval.

If you think we might be able to help develop your customer experience capabilities do please get in touch.

Call me, Jerry Angrave, on +44 (0) 7917 718072 or send an email to [email protected].

“Having Jerry on board with his expertise helped us move on.  He understood our business and what we wanted to do and proved both responsive and proactive in equal measure.  

His structured and focused approach to improving client experiences came with the flexibility, pace and thoughtfulness needed to make things work in the real world. Good results and a good guy to work with too”

LG, Marketing DirectorBlake Lapthorn

“Genuine expertise, empathetically imparted by someone like Jerry should automatically be part of the way we do business

Paul Gilbert, LBC Wise Counsel