Customer Experience Training

Leaders of organisations everywhere are raising the bar for what Customer Experience can do for them.  Having the confidence, skills and credibility is therefore key. So for me, helping like-minded professionals with insights, learnings and thought-provoking case studies is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

It is a privilege to share what I’ve learned both as a corporate-world practitioner and in my time as a consultant. I’m constantly learning too, but am lucky to have worked with some of the most forward-thinking customer experience teams around the world.  They are invaluable experiences from which I draw and am happy to share.

The training is designed for

  • those who are new to a CX role
  • CX practitioners aiming to become a CCXP (a Certified Customer Experience Professional)
  • anyone wanting to add Customer Experience competencies to their skill-set
  • Customer Success and Account Management teams wanting to give better experiences and also help their customers design their experiences.

All training is led by Jerry Angrave. An experienced practitioner in his own right, Jerry is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and one of just a few CCXPs in the world who are authorised by the CXPA to train CX professionals for the official accreditation.

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“Thanks Jerry, there was a real buzz about the place after your session”

Customer Success Lead, top-performing UK software enterprise company

Customer experience training

customer experience training; customer experience consultancy~~

Jerry Angrave, CCXP and an Authorised Resource and Trainer for the CCXP accreditation


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