Customer Experience and Sustainability

A few thoughts on CX doing our bit…

Customer Experience and Sustainability. Two very topical, heavyweight agendas for companies looking to prosper in future.

Each is rooted in different issues but succeeding at both requires the right culture and organisational mindset. To treat them simply as ‘of-the-moment’ PR opportunities, projects and workflows will not create the lasting outcomes we need.

So in the same way that CX teams help a business find economic and commercial gains, is it fair to say that, increasingly, the role of anyone in a CX position should absolutely be to find ways to support the Sustainability ambitions too?


Many companies should be applauded for the genuine efforts being made in terms of their own contributions to the climate crisis and environmental challenges. But, it seems we also still have some way to go in changing a critical mass of customer behaviours – especially when adding in a Sustainability ‘benefit’ has an awkward impact on a customer’s  perception of convenience, reliability and value.

We may not be in the same reporting line as those pursuing a cleaner, less wasteful purpose but we do have access to how our customers think, feel and behave.  We necessarily work across functions to galvanise the organisation behind common goals. We also know it’s easy to think that others will take care of it.

It’s not a new opportunity, far from it. Right now though it feels like a significant moment for any CX professional. If we’ve not done so already, be proactive, put our hands up to work alongside the brand communication teams, service designers, programme offices and process improvement teams.

By sharing the empathy, the understanding of what it’s really like to be a customer in today’s world with their hopes, worries and expectations, the CX community can and should do our bit to help edge towards the wider goals being set.

Would love to hear about the practical support your CX team is giving the sustainability agenda!

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