Mentoring. A sounding board. A reassuring nudge in the right direction. Move on with confidence.

Mentoring for Customer Experience professionals

To bring lasting and positive change to a business is incredibly rewarding. So, why a Customer Experience mentor?

We like to talk things over. We appreciate someone who listens, not judges. We enjoy a sense or renewed confidence or reassurance that we’re doing the right things.

Leading the Customer Experience charge can sometime be a lonely place. Not every stakeholder understands – or indeed, wants to understand – how things can be different and better. To some, it’s all about unicorns and pixie dust. And where everyone does get it, the expectation can be sky-high so we must avoid it overwhelming us.

Mentoring can work whether you are new-to-role, adding Customer Experience to existing responsibilities or being promoted into a senior leadership position. Even the most competent people sometimes need a sounding board or a little nudge in the right direction.

I’m not a qualified coach but I’ve spent time in the depths of complex corporate businesses. A clear way forward can often seem a long way off.

My mentoring is based simply on the fact that I’ve been around the customer experience block. I’ve done that either immersed in the corporate world or as a consultant. I’ve led and managed teams big and small. I’ve worked with leadership teams in global goliaths and I’ve held directorship positions myself. I’ve seen how the pressures of work can affect us and cloud our judgement of the work and profession we love.

To help people have the confidence and skills to be doing the job they enjoy doing is, for me, the best bit about my job.

The nature of the mentoring will be set by you.  I’m always happy to sit down and chat over a coffee with practitioners who want to be doing the right thing.  For something that has more structure, the mentoring can be built in a way that works for you, from a one-off but more intensive session to a rolling programme of regular conversations.

The time we spend together will be on your agenda.  It will be informal but structured and, of course, confidential.

I’ve built, led and managed customer experience activity at all levels and know the perseverance it takes. With that though comes huge rewards.  I am lucky in my career to have mentors and I’m still always learning.  But if I can help someone else along that path I’d be delighted to do so.

If mentoring is of interest to you, please get in touch. Call me, Jerry Angrave, on +44 (0) 7917 718072 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll go from there.

Thank you.

Your approach was great and just getting someone like yourself who knows CX and the industry very well is a great opportunity for myself

Jerry was at all times a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable in terms of the organisation, skilled at navigating the politics that go with a complex set-up and a subject matter expert when it came to Customer Experience best practices.