A unique customer experience event:  you bring the agenda then take away food-for-thought on the issues that matter to you

Next event details due soon

How it works is that it’s those who come who set the agenda.  Each person explains their most pressing CX challenge(s) and the others offer insights and lessons they’ve learned in tackling the same or similar issues.  We make sure everyone has chance to get feedback on the customer experience issues that matter most to them.  And by the same token, everyone also then has an opportunity to help each other too.

There will be no presentations and no windowless conference rooms.  The whole point is have the opportunity to share, learn and to take away fresh thinking about the CX issues that matter to you most.  And we do it in a professional but comfortable environment.

Aswell as thinking about old problems in a new way, previous delegates have commented that they simply get reassurance from realising that others are facing the same challenges, that it validates what they are doing and then gives confidence about building on that for the future.  Just as a flavour, previous subjects we’ve covered includetake away and maxi 010

* Where do I start in defining a customer strategy?

* How do I get non-customer-facing employees interested?

* Can I use B2C principles for B2B experiences?

* How can I upskill my CX team?

* I know I need to do something, but exactly what should I do next and how?

* How can I use CX to make business cases more robust?

* What should I measure and how?

* What does a customer experience management framework look like?

* How do I make my customer journey mapping more strategic and more effective?

take away and maxi 020

We keep the numbers low to preserve the quality of the conversation. We use great locations.  And judging by previous events you’ll be treated to a full day of insights that you can use immediately with lasting effect.  We’ll make sure it is an informative day, we’ll have a little fun and you’ll also leave with new contacts of people facing similar challenges to stay in touch with afterwards if you wish.  If there is anything we’re not able to answer on the day itself we’ll follow up immediately afterwards.

This event is very much “for practitioners by practitioners”.  Recent Takeaways have been hosted by Bosch Service Solutions in Liverpool and Cisco in London – big thanks to both for being such great hosts.

I’ll shortly have dates for the next events – if you’re interested in coming or have any questions call me on 07917 718 072 or email me at [email protected]

I look forward to meeting you there.

Jerry Angrave

Jerry Angrave CCXP, Founder of Empathyce

Jerry Angrave

CCXP and founder of Empathyce

Those who came to the last Take Away event said

“Great experience, very enlightening, lots of ideas of value. Please repeat! Thanks a lot!”

“I got a lot out of you and the others. What an inspiring, intelligent and insightful bunch you got together in a room. Thx”

“I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and brought away with me a huge amount of value on many different levels”

And, I won’t charge for fellow members of the CXPA. It’s not a CXPA event but if you are a member, use promo code iamacxpamember when you register.


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