Customer journey mapping workshops

Next event is in November 2017, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Customer journey mapping not only sits at the core of any Customer Experience ambition but it is one of the best ways to understand what to do next and why.  It gives a business the confidence it’s doing the right thing in the right order.

But, they can also be a huge waste of time and effort, to say nothing of the lost interest in Customer Experience, if they are not done properly.

That’s why I have created a facilitation package to ensure the time and money you invest in it is well spent.

  • B2B, B2C or B2B2C
  • What can we improve about today’s journey?
  • And what could tomorrow’s look like?
  • In-house or offsite.  Half-day, full-day or over two days.
  • Map your customers’, employees’ and partners’ journeys
  • Templates you can reuse and insights to use straightaway

Structuring the workshops

Journey mapping is a means to an end, not the end-game in itself. It’s how we set up the workshops, how well they are run and what we do with the outputs that are important. Having a nice picture to represent the journey is is important but at this stage it’s not the prime objective.

By understanding what it’s really like to be a customer, what it ought to be like, what it could be and why, customer journey mapping gives you and your stakeholders reassurance that finite resources will be used in the best way. We use personas, stakeholder interviews and a raft of other information to create a deep understanding.  It illustrates clearly how well-aligned (or not) your organisational structure and processes are to the intended experiences and whether you are measuring the most important things.

We can help invite the right people, set up and facilitate the sessions. You will get a full write-up of the customer personas and journeys and what they mean for your tactical and strategic activities.

Generating usable insight and confidence 

The workshops are full of tips, tools and templates so you have a reusable framework your team can use again and again.

Journey mapping must be strategic, effective and influential. Strategic, in that it focuses on the right journeys for the right personas. Effective, in that we ask the right questions. And influential, in that the outputs will drive meaningful change. On that basis, I’ve facilitated countless customer journey mapping sessions across many sectors and never tire of what they can achieve for a business.  If you need a hand with running a workshop, I’d love to see if I might help.

If you’re interested, do please get in touch – call +44 (0) 7917 718072 or email [email protected]

Thank you.

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Just wanted to say thank you for your work over the last two days.  The attendees I spoke with all mentioned how insightful the workshops were