Structured training and professional development programmes for those in customer experience roles

To help an organisation develop, it must first develop its people who have direct or indirect CX responsibilities with the expertise, credibility and influence they need.  Personal development plans and performance reviews will go so far, but for a business to become more customer-centric, it needs to have people with specific customer experience knowledge and mindset to guide it.

It’s a subject I’m really passionate about as I have seen the benefits for all concerned where it works and the damage – for people and the balance sheet – where it doesn’t.  There are a number of ways I can help, which can be flexed, adapted or mixed to suit the outcomes you are looking for. For example:


An initial assessment with individuals to understand their CX experience, their exposure to the specific CXPA competencies, their ambitions and therefore the implications for where the focus of their personal development should be.

Personal training

One-to-one sessions either onsite or remotely on the priority areas for development.  The topics could be about overcoming the broader challenges of leading the CX agenda internally or building a greater understanding of each of the CXPA competency requirements. These sessions can also be used for ongoing mentoring, coaching and continuing professional development.

Group workshops

Sessions held onsite with those leading, managing and supporting customer experience activity.  These sessions can be an introduction to customer experience – what it is, how it works and why it is important –  to looking at each of the CXPA competencise in depth or facilitating a collaborative journey mapping workshop

Certified Customer Experience Professional

For people wanting to sit and pass the CXPA’s official accreditation exam and become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), I have specific training programmes that cover each competency, the exam process and sample questions.  That includes an objective review of an individual’s application before it is submitted formally to the CXPA for their assessment and subsequent support if they are not successful

CX career pathway

A structured framework that gives individuals progressive levels of attainment depending on their role and influence in the organisation.  Each level has specific criteria based on their job knowledge, skills and effectiveness, which can be built into the overall performance management programme.  The external CCXP accreditation can be included in the framework to add further credibility.

Working effectively

Your team needs to continually demonstrate its value to the business and to engage with a range of interested parties.  It can fulfil its potential by understanding exactly why it exists, what it going to do, how it will do that and by knowing what your stakeholders really value and expect from you.  The output is an assessment of operational effectiveness.  It helps ensure that resources and focus don’t drift from what is key to the business, that stakeholder interactions become more empathetic and productive, and that where there are better ways of working they are highlighted.

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