PRM passenger and customer experiences

For any airport leadership team with a conscience, helping those who find it harder to enjoy what your airport offers is obviously the right thing to do.

And while ticking the PRM box keeps the Compliance teams and Regulators happy, we know that’s just scratching the surface. It can also be hugely beneficial from a broader commercial perspective too; it’s these opportunities we help you unlock.

The World Health Organisation says that disabilities arise when people have difficulty interacting with their environment. In this case, your airport, the environment you control. They don’t expect you to change their personal circumstances; they do however, expect you to show that you empathise.

That’s why we’ve put together a unique team of aviation and customer experience specialists. We help you understand what it’s really like to travel through your airport with some kind of disability. More than that, we show you what should be celebrated, who should be more engaged, what should be improved, why and how. We give you influential insights and evidence that will secure buy-in from your stakeholders to make the right changes.

Our team

Each one of us in the team knows first-hand how things are different when you have, or are travelling with someone who has, restricted mobility, sensory loss and / or learning difficulties. We know what living and travelling with a disability is like – the emotional backstories, the relentless treatment and the hope that others will empathise.

We have a wheelchair-user, someone who is blind, a father of an autistic teenager.  We know our profession and our way around airports too. We have people who provide counsel to the CAA about PRM issues, who work only with airports and who are recognised as specialist Customer Experience professionals.

Our approach

We listen to understand your issues and your business. Then we’ll carry out onsite observations, we’ll talk to your people, passengers and stakeholders. And we’ll experience it for ourselves. We’ll undertake effective passenger journey mapping exercises and analyse your existing feedback.

Along the way, we’ll give your team the tools and confidence so they can contribute more to the running of the airport long after we’ve gone.

The commercial side

Our aim is to help you find the improvements and innovations that will cut costs, improve revenue and give you the right reputation. More so than ever before, passengers have a choice and they have a voice. Focusing on the experience, on how you make your passengers feel is, therefore, critical for any airport.

We often find that the work also stretches the customer experience thinking so everyone benefits, not just PRMs. You can read more about that here.

Better overall experiences mean more passengers come back more often. They are not tempted by other routes and they tell everyone they know to do the same. And that has a direct and positive impact on reputation as well as passenger numbers and non-aero revenue.

If you’d like to have a conversation, we’d love to see if we can help you.  Call Jerry Angrave on  +44 (0) 7917 718 072 for a chat or email jerryangrave @  and we’ll go from there!

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If you think we might be able to help or for a chat about any of the issues here please get in touch:

Call +44 (0) 7917 718 072 or email Jerry Angrave.

Andy Wright

Consultant adviser to the CAA on PRM issues and to a range of airports including London Heathrow, Edinburgh and Liverpool.  Andy is also managing director  of Accessible Travel & Lesiure, a travel agency specialising in seeking out and recommending holiday routes, carriers and destinations for people who are less mobile and have a wide-range of medical conditions. Andy is a wheelchair user and knows only too well how easily (and often, unintended) barriers to travel exist.

Jerry Angrave

A Certified Customer Experience Professional, Jerry has spoken at many international aviation conferences about how to understand and improve passenger experiences, including those for people who have some kind of mobility or cognitive challenge in their life. Jerry is managing director of Empathyce and has worked across a number of sectors including aviation. Jerry has a 14 year-old son with Fragile X (an autistic spectrum condition) and knows personally the types of environment where experiences make travel easy and repeatable or a nightmare.

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