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Customer Experience and Sustainability

A few thoughts on CX doing our bit… Customer Experience and Sustainability. Two very topical, heavyweight agendas for companies looking to prosper in future. Each is rooted in different issues […]

Securing buy-in for Customer Experience

For anyone in the early days of their CX career, securing buy-in for Customer Experience from sceptical stakeholders can be daunting. It needn’t be. Yes, there are always those who […]

The real purpose of customer journey mapping

This year has challenged the real purpose of many organisations. Some have stayed true to their meaning while others have shown their true colours. As the dust hopefully settles on […]

Treating customers unfairly – savvy or naive?

  Airlines around the world are communicating heavily in an effort to welcome us back. Understandably, they need the revenue and are enticing us with reconnected routes and reassurance about […]