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The “real” role of a Customer Experience professional

Ten years ago, I left my inhouse, corporate CX roles and set up Empathyce. I’ve had the privilege since then to work with brilliant people at airports, airlines, utilities and in a host of other sectors around the world on their Customer Experience culture and programmes. I even wrote a book on journey mapping! If […]

Customer Experience and Sustainability

A few thoughts on CX doing our bit… Customer Experience and Sustainability. Two very topical, heavyweight agendas for companies looking to prosper in future. Each is rooted in different issues but succeeding at both requires the right culture and organisational mindset. To treat them simply as ‘of-the-moment’ PR opportunities, projects and workflows will not create […]

Securing buy-in for Customer Experience

For anyone in the early days of their CX career, securing buy-in for Customer Experience from sceptical stakeholders can be daunting. It needn’t be. Yes, there are always those who don’t get it or don’t want to get it. It’s a fact of life for a CX professional that not everyone will be as passionate […]

The real purpose of customer journey mapping

This year has challenged the real purpose of many organisations. Some have stayed true to their meaning while others have shown their true colours. As the dust hopefully settles on the rapid changes everyone has put in place we should, if at all possible, invest in the time to understand what it’s like for a […]

Customer Journey Mapping – as relevant and as possible as ever

The headline act of a Customer Journey Mapping programme was always the workshop. A very visible, tangible demonstration of how an organisation is edging towards its customer-led goals. A group of colleagues coming together to share their views and ideas, learn more about their own business and going on to be active supporters of what […]

Treating customers unfairly – savvy or naive?

  Airlines around the world are communicating heavily in an effort to welcome us back. Understandably, they need the revenue and are enticing us with reconnected routes and reassurance about hygiene protocols. Like the rest of us they’ve been through a lot this year and sure, they’ve much to be proud of. But the approach […]

Is now an appropriate time to Spring-clean our Customer Experience programme?

People in Customer Experience roles are an energetic, passionate bunch. They are also resilient and have bags of perseverance. Nonetheless, as lockdown restrictions persist I’ve heard from a couple of Customer Experience teams who are feeling a little lost right now. While grateful to still have a job, they were asking what practical things they […]

Making the hidden disability experience visible

How good would it be if this sunflower icon, to help identify people with a hidden disability, was as recognisable everywhere for what it is as the white stick that tells us someone has impaired sight? It’s brilliant to see Liverpool John Lennon Airport adopt the sunflower and lanyard, the latest in a growing list […]

Where to start customer journey mapping

Ok, so we like the idea of it. We’re planning a programme of workshops and we’re thinking about how the outputs will plug into everything else the business is doing. But, just where do we start with customer journey mapping? Which experiences should we focus on first? After all, there are so many to chose […]